Mark Bullington Versatility Award Program


The goal of this program is to stimulate club membership and interest by recognizing and rewarding youth and amateur members who participate in a variety of miniature horse related activities.

Program Requirements:

Open to youth and amateur

Must be a current year member of NWMHC

Open to both registered and non registered miniature horses

Must participate in 2 or more separate categories for award eligibility

Participants to record activities and submit form

Download Form Here


Community Service – 10 points each

·         Nursing homes

·         Retirement centers

·         Children’s homes

·         Hospitals

·         School visits

NWMHC Activities

·         Attend club meetings – 25 points

·         Serve on a committee – 15 points

·         Attend Clinic – 10 points

·         Attend NWMHC Show (as spectator or participant) – 5 points

Miscellaneous – 10 points each

·         Parades

·         Street Fairs

·         Costume Contests

·         Feed Store/Pet Store visits

·         Drill Team

·         Seminars

·         4-H

·         Trail Drives/Walks


Animal Assisted Therapy Program

·         Pet Partners Therapy Team Course and Evaluation ( – 25 points

 Program will run from February 1 through October 1 of each year








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